Arcitura Education is a globally recognized provider of vendor-neutral training and certification programs for a wide range of IT and cloud computing topics. It offers a comprehensive curriculum covering various aspects of cloud computing, big data, service-oriented architecture (SOA), and other related disciplines. The Arcitura certification programs are designed to validate the knowledge and skills of IT professionals working in the domains of cloud computing, SOA, and related areas. These certifications are highly regarded in the industry and are often sought after by individuals and organizations looking to demonstrate their expertise in these fields. By earning these certifications, individuals can enhance their professional credibility, expand their career opportunities, and demonstrate their expertise in the relevant domains.

Popular Arcitura Certifications Include:

Cloud Certified Professional (CCP): The CCP certification program covers various aspects of cloud computing, including cloud technology mechanisms, architectural models, security, governance, and more. The program offers multiple certifications within the CCP track, such as Cloud Technology Professional, Cloud Architect, Cloud Governance Specialist, and Cloud Security Specialist.
Certified Big Data Science Professional (CBDSP): This certification program focuses on big data and analytics. It covers topics such as big data storage and processing, data modeling, analytics, visualization, and machine learning. The CBDSP certification is ideal for professionals involved in big data projects and analytics initiatives.
Certified SOA Architect (CDSA): The Certified SOA Architect program is designed for professionals involved in the design and implementation of service-oriented architectures. It covers SOA concepts, principles, design patterns, service composition, and governance. This certification is valuable for architects, developers, and managers working on SOA initiatives.
Certified Blockchain Professional (CBP): The CBP certification program is centered around blockchain technology and its applications. It covers topics such as blockchain architecture, smart contracts, decentralized applications (DApps), tokenization, and blockchain security. The CBP certification is suitable for professionals interested in blockchain development, implementation, and governance.
Certified Cloud Governance Specialist (CCGS): This certification program focuses on cloud governance, risk management, and compliance. It covers topics such as cloud service governance frameworks, policies, risk assessment, auditing, and regulatory compliance. The CCGS certification is beneficial for professionals involved in cloud governance and risk management roles.