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Exam Code: D-VXR-DY-23
Exam Name: Dell Technologies VxRail Deploy 2023
Exam Q&As: 344 Q&As
Last update: May 27, 2024

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The Dell VxRail Deploy 2023 certification, offered by DELL EMC, is a newly introduced certification that confirms your knowledge in supporting implementation activities. To become certified in Dell VxRail Deploy 2023, you must meet the following requirements:
1. Acquire sufficient knowledge and skills either through hands-on experience with the product or by completing the recommended training.
2. Successfully pass the Dell VxRail Deploy 2023 Exam (D-VXR-DY-23).

The D-VXR-DY-23 exam focuses on understanding the product as a whole, including hardware and software requirements for implementing a basic VxRail cluster. This encompasses solution planning, utilizing the VxRail Configuration Portal, hardware installation, environment validation, software implementation, solution validation, post-deployment changes, REST API, addressing common issues, and troubleshooting events. To ensure thorough preparation for the D-VXR-DY-23 Dell VxRail Deploy 2023 Exam, it is highly recommended to access the most recent D-VXR-DY-23 exam materials provided by QuestionsTube.

Read DELL EMC D-VXR-DY-23 Exam Objectives

  • Describe VxRail use cases, architecture, models, and software stack
  • Describe VxRail management, licensing, and data protection options
  • Describe vCenter server options
  • Describe physical switches, NIC configurations, and DNS options
  • Explain vSphere Distributed Switch features and usage
  • Identify node discovery options
  • Create VxRail projects and configurations
  • Review completed configuration for implementation
  • Describe VxRail system racking and cabling procedures
  • Configure VxRail Node Idrac and System Time
  • Configure VxRail network settings
  • Validate the network environment manually
  • Validate the network environment using the Network Validation Tool
  • Describe how to generate the implementation procedure
  • Perform a VxRail initialization with an internal vCenter Server
  • Perform a VxRail initialization with an external vCenter Server
  • Perform post-installation validation of the VxRail cluster
  • Describe how to implement licenses for a VxRail cluster
  • Explain the vSAN configuration settings and configure required vSAN setting post-deployment
  • Configure native backups
  • Describe VxRail upgrade requirements and activities
  • Describe VxRail scale-out best practices and the cluster expansion process
  • Perform VxRail log collections
  • Describe VxRail troubleshooting resources and their uses
  • Troubleshooting using vSAN tools
  • Identify REST API functionality available in VxRail and use VxRail API to perform tasks

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