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Are you looking to pass the HCIA-Security V4.0 exam with flying colors and showcase your skills? In today's fast-paced business world, staying ahead of the competition is crucial. Huawei HCIA-Security V4.0 certification is a great certification to help you achieve goal. To achieve success, you need the most current and accurate resources at your fingertips. That's where QuestionsTube comes in. We are proud to offer a comprehensive collection of 100% real and up-to-date Huawei H12-711_V4.0-ENU exam questions. Today, we not only introduce you the greatest Huawei H12-711_V4.0-ENU practice questions for your studying, but also introduce all the relative details about the Huawei Security certification to everyone.

What is the Huawei Security Certification?

Network security involves a series of measures taken to safeguard the integrity of a computer network and its data. It is essential because it ensures the security of sensitive information and guarantees the network's reliability. The significance of network security lies in its ability to prevent cybercriminals from unauthorized access to valuable data and sensitive information. When hackers gain control of such data, they can cause various issues, including identity theft, financial loss, and damage to reputation.

Many students and professionals opt to become certified professionals in Security by obtaining IT certifications to showcase their skills to their organizations and companies. Huawei Security certification is a well-known certification in the field of security. It comprises three levels: associate level (HCIA-Security), professional level (HCIP-Security), and expert level (HCIE-Security). Currently, both HCIA-Security and HCIP-Security can be taken online, while HCIE-Security is expected to be available soon.


The HCIA-Security certification is designed for information security operation and maintenance engineers, as well as network security junior engineers who aspire to have information security skills. The HCIA-Security V4.0 validates that engineers have a solid understanding of fundamental information security concepts and technologies for small- and medium-sized networks. They are also capable of constructing information security networks for small- and medium-sized enterprises to ensure the security of their networks and applications.

To obtain the HCIA-Security V4.0 certification, you need to successfully pass the H12-711_V4.0 exam. The H12-711_V4.0 exam is offered in both English and Chinese. When searching for study materials on QuestionsTube, you will find two pages: H12-711_V4.0 for the Chinese version and H12-711_V4.0-ENU for the English version.


Individuals aspiring to become senior network security engineers have the option to pursue the HCIP-Security certification. This certification demonstrates proficiency in Huawei's cybersecurity technologies, encompassing network architecture security, border security, application security, and terminal security. It also validates the ability to design, deploy, and manage the cybersecurity infrastructure of large- and medium-scale enterprises, safeguarding their valuable information assets.

Currently, there are two options available:

  • HCIP-Security V3.0: To obtain this version, you will need to pass three exams - H12-721_V3.0, H12-722_V3.0, and H12-723_V3.0. However, please note that the HCIP-Security V3.0 certification exam will be officially discontinued on November 30, 2023.
  • HCIP-Security V4.0: This is a new and highly recommended version. It can be achieved by successfully passing the H12-725 exam, which will complete the HCIP-Security certification.

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