The Certified Wireless Network Professional (CWNP) has been leading the way in IT certification since 1999. As the industry standard for vendor-neutral Enterprise Wi-Fi certification, CWNP has been instrumental in shaping the future of wireless networking. CWNP offers a range of certifications to cater to professionals at all levels – from entry-level to seasoned network experts. This comprehensive approach ensures that everyone, regardless of their experience or level of expertise, has access to the training and certification they require. Each certification level is meticulously designed to benchmark one’s deepening understanding of RF technologies and applications of wireless networks.

The Popular CWNP Certifications:

  • CWNA (Certified Wireless Network Administrator): This administrator-level certification is designed for networking professionals working in the field who require a deep understanding of RF behavior, site surveying, installation, and basic Wi-Fi security at an enterprise level. CWNA offers knowledge on how RF and IP coexist in a Wi-Fi network.
  • CWSP (Certified Wireless Security Professional): This professional-level certificate is intended for network engineers who wish to demonstrate their proficiency in enterprise Wi-Fi security. Despite misconceptions, enterprise Wi-Fi can be secure if IT professionals involved in its installation and configuration are knowledgeable about securing the wireless network. To undertake the CWSP exam, a current CWNA certification is required.
  • CWDP (Certified Wireless Design Professional): This professional-level certification, is aimed at networkers who have already achieved CWNA certification and possess an in-depth understanding of RF technologies and 802.11 network applications. The CWDP syllabus equips WLAN professionals with the skills to design wireless LANs optimally for diverse applications in various environments. Possession of a current CWNA certification is necessary to take the CWDP exam.
  • CWAP (Certified Wireless Analysis Professional): This professional-level certification is designed for networkers who hold a current CWNA certification and have a thorough understanding of RF technologies and 802.11 network applications. The CWAP syllabus prepares WLAN professionals to analyze, troubleshoot, and optimize any wireless LAN. A current CWNA certification is needed to take the CWAP exam.

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