The UiPath Certified Professional program is a high-stakes certification program that is designed to help professionals like you, make significant strides in your career. This program validates your abilities to design and develop intricate RPA solutions, showcasing your expertise to potential employers. It includes a series of exams and practical tests that evaluate your understanding of the UiPath platform and your ability to build efficient and effective automation workflows.

The Popular UiPath Certified Professional Certifications:

  • UiPath Certified Professional Automation Developer Associate: It serves as a stepping stone for individuals aiming to acquire skills and knowledge to become an Advanced Automation Developer, Solution Architect, or Automation Architect. It signifies the ability to independently create basic automation solutions or contribute effectively to an automation team led by a seasoned Automation Developer, creating complex solutions with UiPath technologies.
  • UiPath Certified Professional Automation Developer Professional: It demonstrates a profound level of understanding and applies to roles such as Advanced Automation Developers, Solution Architects, Automation Architects, etc. It signifies that the professional has substantial hands-on experience with UiPath technologies like Studio, Robots, and Orchestrator, and can independently construct or lead the development of production-level automation in the Robotic Enterprise Framework.
  • UiPath Certified Professional Automation Business Analyst Professional: It is suitable for roles like Automation Business Analyst, Project Manager, Solution Architect, and Change/Transformation Manager. It evaluates knowledge and skills in requirement gathering, process discovery, process analysis, and the design and implementation of automation using the UiPath Solution Suite.
  • UiPath Certified Professional Specialized AI Professional: It denotes a high level of expertise and is suitable for roles such as Advanced Automation Developers, Solution Architects, Automation Architects, and more. The certified professional is expected to have significant hands-on experience with UiPath Document Understanding, Communication Mining, and AI Center, and can independently construct and lead the development of AI-powered production-level automation.

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