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Exam Code: 700-846
Exam Name: Cisco IoT Advantage for Account Managers (IOTAAM)
Exam Q&As: 50 Q&As
Last update: June 22, 2024

Product Description

Introduce Cisco 700-846 Exam

You can choose to pass the 700-846 IOTAAM Cisco IoT Advantage for Account Managers exam to be a Cisco Certified. It will test your knowledge of Cisco’s IoT strategy, IoT products, and industry specific sales plays. The Cisco 700-846 IOTAAM exam is available in English language. The exam duration is 90 minutes.

Learning 700-846 Exam Objectives Is Strongly Recommended

  • Describe Cisco IoT strategy
  • Explain positioning for Cisco IoT products
  • Describe the programs and incentives of Cisco IoT
  • Understand the Extended Enterprise sales play and opportunity
  • Describe use cases for Extended Enterprise
  • Explain the features of Extended Enterprise solutions
  • Explain the concerns and challenges of the manufacturing industry
  • Describe the IoT use cases in manufacturing
  • Explain product positioning for manufacturing use cases
  • Explain the concerns and challenges of the utility industry
  • Describe the IoT use cases in utilities
  • Explain product positioning for utility use cases
  • Explain the concerns and challenges of the oil and gas industry
  • Describe the IoT use cases in oil and gas
  • Explain product positioning for oil and gas use cases
  • Explain the concerns and challenges for roadways and intersections
  • Describe the IoT use cases in roadways and intersections
  • Explain product positioning for roadway and intersection use cases
  • Explain the concerns and challenges of the mining industry
  • Describe the IoT use cases in mining
  • Explain product positioning for mining use cases
  • Describe how CUWRB addresses customer challenges with wireless connectivity in IoT deployments
  • Describe the capabilities, value proposition, and design considerations for CUWRB
  • Identify and qualify CUWRB opportunities
  • Explain the value proposition of Cisco’s industrial security portfolio
  • Explain positioning of Cisco industrial security with stakeholders
  • Describe the key features and value of Cyber Vision
  • Explain management tool positioning for use cases to meet customer requirements
  • Explain the key benefits of deploying IoT Operations Dashboard
  • Describe services of the IoT Operations Dashboard
  • Describe the key features and benefits of Industrial Asset Vision
  • Describe the main use cases for Industrial Asset Vision
  • Describe the capabilities of Edge Intelligence
  • Explain value proposition and use cases of Edge Intelligence

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