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Exam Code: ACP-100
Exam Name: Jira Administrator
Exam Q&As: 72 Q&As
Last update: May 22, 2024

Product Description

Acing the Atlassian ACP-100 Exam with QuestionsTube

Become an Atlassian Certified Professional Jira Administrator certification. This certification demonstrates your ability to set up and manage the Jira Data Center to meet the needs of any business or development team. It validates your ability to:
– Convert business needs into product settings
– Understand Jira for Data Center specific features and admin duties
– Have a thorough knowledge of workflows, security, permissions, customization of fields and screens, and user interface system settings
– Comprehend how admin decisions impact Jira’s security and daily manageability
– Utilize Atlassian resources and the community to help your team follow best practices in Jira

To obtain the Atlassian Certified Professional Jira Administrator certification, you must successfully pass the Atlassian ACP-100 exam. The actual ACP-100 exam contains 67 questions, and the exam duration is 180 minutes. The passing score is 66%.

Read Jira Administrator ACP-100 Exam Topics

  • Access, Permissions, Security
  • Project Configuration
  • Issue Types, Fields, Screens
  • Workflows and Automation
  • Notifications
  • Advanced User Features
  • Jira Administration

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