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Exam Code: D-CSF-SC-23
Exam Name: Dell EMC NIST Cybersecurity Framework
Exam Q&As: 112 Q&As
Last update: May 20, 2024

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Introduce DELL EMC D-CSF-SC-23 Exam

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework certification is in high demand and is beneficial for professionals who want to demonstrate their ability to implement the NIST framework components to drive improved cybersecurity practices into the data center. If you are planning to take the NIST Cybersecurity Framework exam, you need to fulfill the following requirements:
1. Demonstrate a strong understanding and proficiency in the subject matter by gaining practical experience with the product and/or completing the recommended training materials.
2. Successfully pass the NIST Cybersecurity Framework Exam (D-CSF-SC-23).

The D-CSF-SC-23 exam assesses both broad framework topics and specific processes that are essential for implementing the framework. This encompasses the core framework, tiers, and profiles, which enable CSIRT staff to assess risk, prioritize feature changes, and adapt to evolving business needs and security challenges. To ensure thorough preparation for the exam, it is highly advisable to access the most up-to-date D-CSF-SC-23 exam materials available from QuestionsTube.

Learning D-CSF-SC-23 Exam Objectives Is Strongly Recommended

  • Describe the NIST Framework architecture and purpose including the Core, Tiers, and Profiles
  • Describe the topics associated with the Category layer and explain how they align to the NIST Framework functions
  • Describe what constitutes an asset and which assets need to be protected
  • Describe the “who/what/why” of a continuously updated inventory
  • Describe how discovery and inventory facilitates the planning efforts associated with Disaster Recovery, Incident Response, Communications, and Business Impact Analysis
  • Describe the controls for the inventory classification and explain the KPIs developed around these controls
  • Describe the need for creating and documenting a baseline configuration
  • Explain how the Business Impact Analysis is integral to the protect function
  • Describe the role of the Business Continuity Plan and Business Impact Analysis
  • Describe the maintenance and access control subcategory controls for the protect function
  • Describe the awareness training, data security and protective technology subcategory controls of the protect function
  • Describe the anatomy of a breach, including what constitutes a breach, why and how it happens, and the steps to avoid a breach
  • Identify the methods of detection and how detection can be implemented
  • Describe the concept and benefits of continuous monitoring
  • Identify and explain the subcategories associated with detection and analysis
  • Describe how to quantify the extent of a security breach
  • Describe how to contain a security breach
  • Understand and construct an effective Incident Response Plan
  • Describe the purpose and details of an effective Communications Plan
  • Describe the after action plan and review
  • Determine and describe the considerations when implementing a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)
  • Describe how the BCP (Business Continuity Plan) supports “timely recovery to normal operations to reduce the impact from a cybersecurity incident.”
  • Assess and describe the requirements and processes to return to “business as usual”
  • Describe the process of understanding the impact to the business, including reputation and revenue

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