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Exam Code: D-PSC-DS-23
Exam Name: Dell PowerScale Design 2023 Exam
Exam Q&As: 294 Q&As
Last update: June 21, 2024

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Introduce DELL EMC D-PSC-DS-23 Exam

The Dell PowerScale Design 2023 certification is a newly introduced certification by DELL EMC. It is designed to benefit professionals who want to showcase their skills in designing and sizing PowerScale solutions. This certification involves planning and architecting PowerScale solutions based on business and environmental requirements. To become certified in Dell PowerScale Design 2023, you need to fulfill the following criteria:
1. Possess sufficient knowledge and skills through hands-on experience with the product or by completing the recommended training.
2. Successfully pass the Dell PowerScale Design 2023 Exam (D-PSC-DS-23).

The D-PSC-DS-23 exam focuses on architectural and design principles that enable the creation of solutions that meet customer requirements. It covers the technical aspects of the PowerScale Scale-Out NAS storage system and its operating system, OneFS. Additionally, the exam includes topics on basic sizing techniques and tools for building real-world PowerScale solutions. To ensure thorough preparation for the exam, it is highly recommended to access the most up-to-date D-PSC-DS-23 exam materials provided by QuestionsTube.

Learning D-PSC-DS-23 Exam Objectives Is Strongly Recommended

  • Explore the characteristics and utilization of PowerScale nodes, node architecture, node compatibility, and networking architecture
  • Explain the networking aspects of PowerScale, including groupnets, IP address pools, access zones, and the use of SmartConnect
  • Establish the information requirements for designing a PowerScale solution, which involves determining hardware and software capacity, switch requirements, file server consolidation, considerations for file size and performance sizing, integration considerations, and understanding the I/O characteristics of PowerScale Management, Identity Management, and Advanced features
  • Provide an in-depth understanding of the function and use cases for SnapshotIQ and SmartLock
  • Discuss the purpose and use cases for Storage pools, SmartPools, file pools, and CloudPools
  • Differentiate between client access permissions, client authentication, and client protocol access on the PowerScale cluster
  • Describe the nature and usage of user identity mapping, RBAC, and ZRBAC
  • Explain important concepts such as journaling, file striping, data protection, antivirus, and caching
  • Identify the use cases for replication and recovery using SyncIQ and SmartSync
  • Understand how data availability and protection are implemented and measured on a PowerScale cluster
  • Provide details on the recommended directory structure and how disk space is utilized for small and large files, and its impact on protection overhead
  • Explore how different data access patterns impact workflows on the PowerScale cluster
  • Identify the challenges and considerations for configuring NDMP backup and archive workflows
  • Describe the function and use cases for file filtering, SmartQuotas, SmartDedupe, and inline data reduction
  • Explain cluster monitoring using InsightIQ, HealthCheck, and isi statistics
  • Differentiate the nature and appropriate use of workflow analysis tools such as iostat, netstat, iperf, tcpdump, Wireshark, Iozone, Iometer, and Live Optics
  • Understand the nature and usage of events, alerts, SNMP, SRS, Logs, Auditing, and Job Engine in PowerScale

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