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Exam Code: D-VXB-DY-A-24
Exam Name: Dell VxBlock Deploy Achievement
Exam Q&As: 91 Q&As
Last update: May 25, 2024

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Are you acquainted with the Dell VxBlock Deploy certification? This fresh DELL EMC certification evaluates your core knowledge of technical concepts related to deploying and implementing Dell EMC VxBlock Systems. To achieve this certification, the D-VXB-DY-A-24 exam must be completed. The exam focuses on the VxBlock 1000 hardware and software requirements to deploy and implement a VxBlock. The D-VXB-DY-A-24 exam consists of 54 questions to be completed in 90 minutes, with a passing score of 63 or above. For thorough preparation, using the most recent D-VXB-DY-A-24 exam resources found on QuestionsTube for the D-VXB-DY-A-24 Dell VxBlock Deploy Exam is recommended.

Read the DELL EMC D-VXB-DY-A-24 Exam Objectives

  • Describe the VxBlock System site installation process
  • Identify key information in VxBlock System documentation
  • Power on and connect the VxBlock System to the customer network
  • Troubleshoot the installation
  • Locate the validation procedures and support documentation
  • Connect the VxBlock System to the customer network
  • Validate a VxBlock 1000 installation using the LCS and Test Plan
  • Describe how to perform knowledge transfers
  • Describe requirements and considerations for VxBlock hardware expansion
  • Locate required documentation and other resources supporting expansion
  • Describe the process used to expand the VxBlock system
  • Validate a VxBlock 1000 expansion
  • Describe the phases of an RCM upgrade and responsible parties
  • Identify tools used to plan and execute an RCM upgrade
  • Describe how to perform an RCM upgrade using the provided documentation
  • Discuss the elements that make up an SDN
  • Explain VMware NSX components, their functions and benefits
  • Explain Cisco ACI components, their functions and benefits
  • Identify considerations for implementing NSX and ACI on CI systems
  • Explain the architectural differences between VMware NSX and Cisco ACI
  • Identify ACI use cases, key features, and related hardware
  • Explain the ACI Logical Model
  • Describe ACI integration with Dell EMC VxBlock systems
  • Discuss specific use cases for VMware NSX
  • Describe how VMware NSX is integrated into Dell EMC CI infrastructure
  • Explain the procedure for configuring a logical switch using VMware NSX
  • Describe the nature and use of the CPSD Technology Extension, touching on benefits
  • Describe hardware components, with an emphasis on the newly added Isilon storage system
  • Discuss network virtualization as it relates to a Converged Infrastructure
  • Explain the VXLAN Overlay Network architecture and how it extends IP addressing to a virtual environment on Converged Infrastructure
  • Explain various transport layer protocols and how they are used for communications in a Converged Infrastructure environment
  • Discuss network services that provide connectivity, authentication, presentation, and communications to Converged Infrastructure

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