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Exam Code: DEX-450
Exam Name: Programmatic Development using Apex and Visualforce in Lightning Experience
Exam Q&As: 456 Q&As
Last update: June 11, 2024

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Introduce Salesforce DEX-450 Exam

The DEX-450 Build Applications Programmatically on the Salesforce Platform is one of the classes for Salesforce Platform Developer I credential, which is for programmatic developers looking to write programmatic customizations to both business logic and UI layers using Apex and Visualforce. You should have a good understanding of core object-oriented programming concepts and experience building declarative solutions on the Salesforce platform. When completing the DEX-450 exam, you will be able to:

  1. Learn about modern tools for developing on the Salesforce Platform using Visual Studio Code, the Salesforce Extension Pack, and the Salesforce CLI.
  2. Writing business logic customizations using Apex triggers and classes; These customizations will use SOQL and DML.
  3. Design programming solutions that take advantage of declarative customization.
  4. Describe how your trigger code works in preserving the basics of execution sequence.
  5. Describe some of the basic aspects of designing a program on a multi-tenant platform.
  6. Write the Visualforce tags and code to customize the user interface.
  7. Use the built-in testing framework to test Apex and Visualforce.

Learning DEX-450 Exam Objectives Is Strongly Recommended

  • Create formula field
  • Create a summary summary field
  • Understand record types
  • Check out other automation tools
  • Build data models on the Salesforce platform
  • Describe the key aspects that distinguish Apex from other languages, such as Java and C#
  • Describe why Apex transactions and governor restrictions must be considered when writing Apex
  • Execute simple vertex
  • Use the sObject data type, raw data type, and basic control statement in Apex
  • Write basic queries using SOQL, Salesforce’s query language
  • Process query results in Apex
  • Create queries dynamically at run time
  • Use SOQL to query the parent-child relationship
  • Descriptive relation query
  • Write queries that traverse parent-child relationships
  • Write queries that traverse parent-child relationships
  • Search for data using SOSL
  • List the differences between how DML operations are invoked
  • Apex is written to invoke DML operations and handle DML errors
  • What is deployment?
  • Deploy code using change sets
  • Use the Ant migration tool
  • View managed and unmanaged packages
  • Explore Salesforce DX
  • Describe the purpose of the trigger
  • Describe the syntax for the trigger definition
  • Use trigger context variables
  • Describe how to use Apex classes
  • Defining Apex class
  • Determine what data the Apex class can access
  • Describe the key points in the execution sequence
  • Describe how triggers fit into and are affected by the execution sequence
  • Describe the life cycle of Apex transactions
  • Describe the memory lifecycle of a static property
  • Describe the Apex testing framework
  • Create test data
  • Write and run Apex tests
  • Testing best practices
  • Describe best practices for writing code that is easy to maintain and extend
  • Write triggers and classes that take batch data as input
  • Write code that efficiently processes the database for querying and using DML
  • List the declarative mechanisms that can be used to implement complex business logic, the types of problems they are best suited to solve, and their limitations
  • Describe ways in which declarative capabilities can be used to improve programmatic solutions
  • Create the Visualforce page
  • Reference standard controller
  • Launch the Visualforce page using the custom button
  • Display the data from the record in the Visualforce page
  • See Custom Controllers and controller extensions
  • Using a list controller
  • Describe common limitations and security issues
  • Describe the policy for testing the Visualforce controller
  • Write tests for the controller constructor
  • Write tests for action methods, Getters, Setters, and properties
  • Create and display the Aura component
  • Create and render the Lightning Web component

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