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Exam Code: PEGAPCSA87V1
Exam Name: Pega Certified System Architect (PCSA) 87V1
Exam Q&As: 253 Q&As
Last update: June 21, 2024

Product Description

Introduce Pegasystems PEGAPCSA87V1 Exam

The Certified Pega System Architect Version 8.7 (PEGAPCSA87V1) caters to developers and technical personnel seeking to acquire proficiency in Pega application development. Positioned as the introductory tier within the System Architect certification pathway, this certification establishes a foundational assessment of your comprehension pertaining to Pega applications.

Pegasystems PEGAPCSA87V1 Exam Details

  • Exam Formats: Scenario questions, multiple choice questions and drag/drop items
  • Languages: English | French | Spanish | Polish | German | Portuguese-Brazilian | Japanese
  • Exam Questions: 60
  • Exam Duration: 90 minutes
  • Passing Score: 65%

Read Certified Pega System Architect Version 8.7 PEGAPCSA87V1 Exam Topics

  1. Design a case lifecycle, stages, set case statuses, add instructions to tasks
  2. Add a service level agreement; configure urgency, goals, deadlines, passed deadlines
  3. Route assignments to users and work queues
  4. Configure approval processes: cascading approvals, reporting structure, authority matrix
  5. Configure and send email correspondence
  6. Identify duplicate cases
  7. Identify and add optional actions
  8. Automate workflow decisions using conditions
  9. Pause and resume case processing; wait steps
  10. Skip a stage or process
  11. Configure child cases
  12. Understand when to use automation shapes
  13. Automate decisions using decision tables and decision trees
  14. Create and manage teams of users
  15. Configure data types, create data objects, data relationships, and field types
  16. Identify and create calculated values
  17. Validate data; create and configure data validation rules by using business logic
  18. Manipulate application data, set default property values, configure data transforms
  19. Access sourced data in a case; refresh strategies; populate user interface controls
  20. Save data to a system of record
  21. Simulate and add external data sources
  22. Capture and present data: fields and views
  23. View data in memory: clipboard tool, pyWorkPage
  24. Configure field values
  25. Create and set application settings
  26. Manage user and role assignments
  27. Configure security policies
  28. Track and audit changes to data
  29. Record a unit test
  30. Create and execute scenario-based test cases
  31. Identify best practices for configuring unit tests
  32. Customize user interface elements: dashboards, portal content
  33. Configure action sets
  34. Customize form appearance, visibility settings, controls
  35. Add and remove fields
  36. Group fields in views
  37. Display list data in views; configure repeating dynamic layouts
  38. Localize application content
  39. Enable accessibility features in an application
  40. Manage application development: user stories, feedback, bugs
  41. Use the Estimator tool to scope a Pega Platform project
  42. Create and maintain rules, rulesets, classes, inheritance
  43. Debug application errors
  44. Create business reports
  45. Identify types of reports
  46. Use columns and filters
  47. Describe the benefits of using Insights
  48. Configure mobile app channels
  49. Use of Pega Mobile Preview

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