You may come for your Linux Professional Institute (LPI) certification here. The LPI certifications and exams are designed to establish a worldwide benchmark for Linux and Open Source certification. We understand the importance of creating a certification program that fulfills the needs of IT professionals and the organizations that hire them. To accomplish this objective, we have implemented a transparent, thorough, and collaborative development process that involves both volunteers and paid experts. Our development process is highly respected and supported, and it has successfully met the stringent standards set by independent certification authorities.

Currently, there are 11 LPI certification in three categories:

  • Essentials: These Essential certifications are created for candidates who are starting a career in open source or who wish to demonstrate their abilities.
  • Linux Professional: The Linux Professional Track of LPI assesses the competencies and expertise of Linux systems administrators. In order to stay up to date with the ever-changing technology landscape, the exam objectives are revised approximately every three years. The certifications awarded by the Linux Professional Institute remain valid for a period of five years, after which recertification or certification at a higher level is required.
  • Open Technology: The Open Technology professional certifications are intended to assess the competencies and expertise in utilizing open technology tools, including DevOps tools and BSD Specialist. These certifications are regularly updated, approximately every three years, to align with the evolving technologies in the field. The certifications remain valid for a duration of five years, after which recertification or certification at a higher level is required.

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