What Versions of Nutanix Certifications & Exams are Available?

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If subscribing QuestionsTube, you will find that two new Nutanix certification exams are available online:

  • NCP-US-6.5 Nutanix Certified Professional - Unified Storage (NCP-US) v6.5
  • NCM-MCI-6.5 Nutanix Certified Master - Multicloud Infrastructure (NCM-MCI) v6.5

These are two new Nutanix certification exams and are both based on v6.5. QuestionsTube are confident on providing you with the latest study materials to help you prepare for all the Nutanix certification exams well. However, most candidates do not know what versions of the Nutanix certifications and exams are available. Today, we will discuss all the Nutanix certifications and answers.

All Available Nutanix Certifications & Exams

Nutanix, a leading company in the field of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) and cloud computing, has gained recognition for its innovative approach to data center management and storage. With its primary product, the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform, Nutanix combines compute, storage, networking, and virtualization into a single, integrated solution.

Nutanix offers the range of certifications for IT professionals. These certifications validate the skills and knowledge required to design, deploy, and administer Nutanix solutions. The certifications cover various areas, including cloud administration, data center management, and virtualization. By obtaining a Nutanix certification, IT professionals can demonstrate their expertise in implementing and managing Nutanix solutions, enhancing their career prospects and opening up new opportunities in the field of HCI and cloud computing.

Nutanix Certified Associate (NCA)

The Nutanix NCA certification assesses your proficiency in navigating the Prism UI, extracting information from the UI, and utilizing the UI for fundamental operational activities. The latest version of the NCA is v6.5, and to attain success, it is recommended to register for the NCA-6.5 exam.

Nutanix Certified Professional - Multicloud Infrastructure (NCP-MCI)

The Nutanix Certified Professional - Multicloud Infrastructure (NCP-MCI) is highly regarded as one of the most lucrative IT certifications. It confirms your competency in executing everyday duties, such as the deployment and management of virtual infrastructure components and VMs, conducting operational maintenance tasks, and initiating disaster recovery. Furthermore, the exam assesses your capacity to configure user roles, as well as resolve infrastructure alerts and events. The current version is v6.5, register for the NCP-MCI-6.5 exam now.

Nutanix Certified Professional - Unified Storage (NCP-US)

The Nutanix Certified Professional - Unified Storage (NCP-US) certification is offered in version 6.5. This certification confirms your abilities in deploying, configuring, optimizing, troubleshooting, and performing administrative tasks on Nutanix Unified Storage technologies, including Files, Objects, and Volumes. Candidates for the NCP-US certification typically have 1-2 years of general IT experience, with 6-12 months of data storage experience.

Nutanix Certified Professional - Database Automation (NCP-DB)

The current version of the Nutanix Certified Professional - Database Automation (NCP-DB) is 6.5. This certification evaluates your skills in deploying, managing, optimizing, and resolving issues related to database workloads using Nutanix Database Service (NDB).

Nutanix Certified Professional - Multicloud Automation (NCP-MCA)

The NCP-MCA certification from Nutanix validates your knowledge and proficiency in the principles of automation, as well as automating infrastructure and applications within the Nutanix platform. The current version is NCP-MCA v6, and successful candidates with this certification should have a minimum of 3-6 months of experience in automation within the Nutanix environment.

Nutanix Certified Professional - End User Computing (NCP-EUC)

The NCP-EUC certification, similar to the Nutanix NCP-MCA, is offered in version 6. It confirms your abilities in deploying, monitoring, administering, troubleshooting, and maintaining end user computing environments using Nutanix technologies.

Nutanix Certified Master - Multicloud Infrastructure (NCM-MCI)

To obtain the Nutanix Certified Master - Multicloud Infrastructure (NCM-MCI) certification, make sure you don't forget to register for the NCM-MCI-6.5 exam. This certification is based on version 6.5 and focuses on assessing your skills in analyzing, evaluating, and optimizing platform performance, configuration, and health. The exam also tests your ability to address any issues and adapt the platform to meet business requirements in a compliant manner.

Nutanix Certified Expert - Multicloud Infrastructure

The Nutanix Certified Expert - Multicloud Infrastructure (NCX-MCI) certification assesses your capability in designing large-scale solutions that support critical business applications with service level agreements set by business stakeholders. You must showcase your proficiency in the Nutanix Design Method, which is derived from the Nutanix Platform Expert (NPX) Program. You are required to present a solution that meets or surpasses customer requirements in areas such as scalability, resiliency, performance, manageability, data protection, recoverability, regulatory compliance, security, as well as total cost of ownership/return on investment. The official website does not currently specify a particular version for this certification.

Nutanix Platform Expert (NPX)

The Nutanix Platform Expert (NPX) certification, which is the highest level of certification offered by Nutanix, does not have a specific version mentioned. This certification confirms that individuals have proven their capability to design and implement enterprise-level solutions on the Nutanix platform, utilizing various hypervisors and vendor software stacks.

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