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Exam Code: A00-420
Exam Name: SAS Viya Intermediate Programming
Exam Q&As: 250 Q&As
Last update: May 21, 2024

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Introduce SAS Institute A00-420 Exam

The SAS Certified Specialist: Intermediate Programming Using SAS Viya certification is a great SAS certified credential, which indicates the ability to:

  1. Work with CAS tables and data sources.
  2. Use CAS-enabled procedures and user-defined formats.
  3. Modify DATA step and SQL programs to run in CAS.
  4. Use the CAS programming language (CASL) and CAS actions to directly interact with data in CAS.

To gain this certification, a passing score is needed on the A00-420 exam, which has 65-70 multiple-choice and short-answer questions and takes 110 minutes to complete. Candidates must achieve a score of 71% correct to pass.

Learning A00-420 Exam Objectives Is Strongly Recommended

  • Describe the SAS Viya architecture.
  • Explain when to use the CAS server for programming tasks.
  • Explain how to access and use CAS Libraries (caslibs).
  • Describe how to load data into In-Memory Tables.
  • Describe how to save and drop In-Memory Tables.
  • Describe CAS column data types.
  • Explain how SAS determines where code executes.
  • Explain threading within the SAS DATA step.
  • Update DATA step code to run in CAS.
  • Update PROC SQL code to run as PROC FEDSQL code.
  • Identify common procedures that run only on the Compute Server.
  • Use common procedures that run in both the CAS and Compute Server.
  • Use Common summary procedures that run only in CAS.
  • Discuss how user-defined formats are used and stored in CAS.
  • Describe the CASL programming language.
  • Create and manipulate CASL variables.
  • Use arrays in CASL programs.
  • Use dictionaries in CASL programs.
  • Capture the results returned from CAS actions.
  • Use source blocks in CASL programs.
  • Use CAS actions to access and explore data sources.
  • Use CAS actions to manage in-memory tables.
  • Investigate in-memory data table properties and contents.
  • Investigate results table properties and contents.
  • Update the contents of in-memory tables with the table.update action.
  • Create a copy of in-memory tables with the table.copyTable action.
  • Convert character to numeric columns.
  • Use data preparation action sets.
  • Modify table attributes with the table.alterTable action.
  • Resolve missing values in tables with the dataPreprocess action set.
  • Transpose tables with the transpose.transpose action
  • Summarize data with CAS actions.
  • Create Visualizations and Reports.

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