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Exam Code: ANC-301
Exam Name: Implement and Manage CRM Analytics
Exam Q&As: 242 Q&As
Last update: May 24, 2024

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Introduce Salesforce ANC-301 Exam

The ANC-301 Implement and Manage CRM Analytics is one of the classes for Salesforce Certified Tableau CRM and Einstein Discovery Consultant credential, which is ideal for integration specialists or Salesforce Administrators who want to learn more about connecting and securing data in CRM Analytics. This course is also great for business analysts or developers interested in creating advanced dashboards. When completing the ANC-301 exam, you will be able to:

  1. Identify user, data, and security requirements, and establish a development process accordingly.
  2. Configure apps and manage user permissions in CRM Analytics by assigning licenses, permission sets, and app permissions.
  3. Import external data into CRM Analytics.
  4. Create and execute dataflows to load Salesforce data and combine it with data from other datasets.
  5. Effectively utilize Data Sync and understand its functionalities.
  6. Comprehend and utilize Recipes and Data Prep features.
  7. Implement data security measures in CRM Analytics and override security for implementation and testing purposes.
  8. Understand the functioning of dashboard filters and utilize interactions as needed.
  9. Familiarize oneself with the JSON file associated with a dashboard.
  10. Explain the process of dashboard queries and modify queries to meet specific analytic requirements.
  11. Modify dataset metadata as required.

Learning ANC-301 Exam Objectives Is Strongly Recommended

  • Discovery Meeting
  • Establishing Your Users and Development Process
  • Overview of User Access on the CRM Analytics Platform
  • Creating CRM Analytics Permission Sets
  • Assigning Licenses and Permission Sets to Users
  • Creating and Sharing CRM Analytics Apps
  • Overview of Connecting Data
  • Data Mapping
  • Overview of the Dataflow Process
  • Designing a Dataflow
  • Loading External CSV Data
  • Creating Dataflows
  • Optimizing Dataflows
  • Running, Monitoring, and Scheduling a Dataflow
  • Preparing Datasets with Recipes with Data Prep
  • Data Connectors
  • Additional Transformations
  • Overview of Security in CRM Analytics
  • Determining Security Requirements
  • Overview of Using Predicate Filters
  • Implementing Ownership-Based Row-Level Security
  • Implementing Role-Based Row-Level Security
  • Implementing Team-Based Row-Level Security
  • Overriding Security for Implementation and Testing
  • Sharing Inheritance
  • Overview of Extended Metadata (XMD)
  • Updating Field Metadata
  • Adding Quick Action Menus for Records in CRM Analytics
  • Overview of CRM Analytics Dashboard Templates
  • Overview of JSON for Dashboards
  • Building a Dashboard Using a Template
  • Optimizing Dashboards for a Mobile Device
  • Understanding Filters in Lenses and Dashboards
  • Multi-Dataset Dashboards
  • Filters with Interactions
  • Custom Queries
  • Overview of Modifying Queries
  • Maximizing the Use of the Compare Table
  • Salesforce Analytics Query Language (SAQL)
  • SAQL Queries in a CRM Analytics Dashboard

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