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Exam Code: Integration Architect
Exam Name: Salesforce Certified Integration Architect
Exam Q&As: 106 Q&As
Last update: June 21, 2024

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The Salesforce Certified Integration Architect certification is for architects, analysts, and application managers who want to design secure, scalable integrations with the Lightning Platform. This exam is designed to determine your fluency in effectively communicating technical solutions to technical stakeholders and providing a project delivery framework that ensures quality and success. You need to pass the Integration Architect exam successfully. The Integration Architect exam contains 60 multiple-choice questions. There is 105 minutes to allow you to complete the exam. The passing score is 67%.

Read Salesforce Integration Architect Exam Outlines Below

  • Given a set of business requirements, determine the current system environment and determine what standards, constraints, boundaries, and agreements exist.
  • Given an existing system environment, analyze constraints and/or pain points to meet business needs.
  • Given a set of requirements, evaluate authentication and authorization requirements against the system environment.
  • Given a use case, identify the functional and non-functional requirements needed for the integration.
  • Based on the given integration requirements, identify and classify data as confidential/secure/public.
  • Given a use case, identify the critical success factors for the CRM that should be included in the integration requirements.
  • Given a use case, identify business growth and regulatory factors that may affect the choice of an integration solution.
  • Given an existing system landscape, create a catalog of systems and integration patterns.
  • Given a use case and business process, evaluate system and process constraints.
  • Given a use case, identify integrated security/authentication/authorization requirements.
  • Given a use case, determine the performance requirements (capacity, response time, latency) and propose an appropriate integrated solution that meets the business needs.
  • Given a use case, identify an integration pattern that satisfies the business requirement.
  • Given a use case, define the components that create a solution that meets a business need.
  • Given a use case, identify the tradeoffs, limitations, and constraints that satisfy the proposed solution.
  • Given a use case that includes technical requirements, constraints, or drivers, specify the appropriate Salesforce API for the proposed solution.
  • Given a use case that includes technical requirements, constraints or drivers determine the standards, components, technologies and security mechanisms that should be used.
  • Given a use case that includes technical requirements, constraints, or drivers, identify considerations when designing and implementing an API with
  • Salesforce as the API provider and Salesforce as the API consumer.
  • Given a use case, determine what needs to be considered when choosing the correct option when making an outbound call to an external system.
  • Given a use case, describe what should be considered when building a scalable solution.
  • Given a use case, determine error handling for different integration options.
  • Given a use case, create a security solution for inbound or outbound integration.
  • Given a use case, identify the factors needed to build resilience into an integrated solution for system updates.
  • Given an integration maintenance use case, identify performance monitoring requirements for integration requirements.
  • Given a use case, determine appropriate error handling, escalation, and recovery procedures for failed integrations.
  • Given a use case, identify the reporting requirements for integrated monitoring.

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